Chapter Volunteer Opportunities

Are you thinking about becoming more involved in AMWA? To maintain an active, vibrant chapter, we rely on our members to volunteer to serve in leadership positions. Please contact Andre Allen if you’re interested.

Two great ways to get involved are to plan an event with your regional coordinator or to lead a roundtable or workshop at our regional conference each spring. We hope you will consider volunteering.

What’s in it for you? Each position offers opportunities for career, professional, and personal growth, for example, as a chapter leader you can:

  • Become more visible among your peers and potential clients/employers.
  • Build a network of professional contacts who can refer business to you or recommend you for a position.
  • Learn new skills or hone your current skills.
  • Make new friends.

Is prior experience needed? No, just willingness and enthusiasm. All of these open positions come with advice and support from other board members, from retiring members who can (and are happy to!) answer questions and provide guidance, and from AMWA national resources such as the Chapter Conference Handbook.

The Board meets monthly via conference call, but breaks during the summer. That means you can participate no matter where you live in the region. Board members also periodically use e-mail to share and discuss relevant information.

If you’re thinking about volunteering, please contact Andre Allen or use the contact form. We’re happy to answer any questions, and we look forward to hearing from you!