Chapter Positions

Roles and Responsibilities

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter runs purely on volunteer power. Learn more about each role and let us know if you’re interested in pursuing a Board position in the future. When it’s time to recruit for one of these roles, we’ll announce it through an e-blast and on social media. Please note: these descriptions cover most of the responsibilities for each position, but duties and workload may vary.

President & President-Elect

The President oversees the coordination of all chapter events and works closely with chapter Board and AMWA headquarters staff. He/she must be available via e-mail or phone during daytime hours.
• Sets the agenda for all Board meetings
• Leads monthly Board meetings via conference call
• Works with Board and chapter members to fill Board positions
• Plans events in coordination with Conference Planner, Board, and events subcommittee
• Responds to inquiries from potential members or volunteers
• Provides bi-annual chapter reports
• Updates AMWA-MAC Bylaws
• Attends AMWA Chapter Leader conference calls
• Troubleshoots issues that arise related to chapter activities

The term for this position is two years. However, it’s a four-year commitment, as the ideal candidate serves for one year as President-Elect before becoming President, then one year as Immediate Past President after serving as President.


• Takes minutes during the monthly Board meetings
• Distributes minutes to Board for review; edits as necessary
• Provides official minutes and other information as requested for use in Chapter reports
• Attends all Board meetings
• Prepares and submits all minutes for annual report
• Term: 2 years


• Oversees Chapter financial records
• Provides the financial report at monthly Board meetings
• Pays bills and makes deposits monthly (2-5 transactions/month)
• Prepares financial statements for use in Chapter reports
• Creates the yearly budget for annual report
• Attends all Board meetings
• Reviews contracts
• Term: 2 years

The Treasurer may participate in or coordinate an audit of the financial records at the President’s discretion.

Chapter Conference Coordinator

The Chapter Conference Coordinator serves as administrator for the chapter conference. He/she must have access to e-mail and be available via e-mail or phone during daytime hours. Also, he/she serves as the liaison with AMWA headquarters and the hosting hotel.
• Leads conference planning meetings; attends Board meetings as needed
• Surveys the Chapter to assess preferences for workshop offerings
• Selects workshops to be offered based on instructor availability and survey results
• Seeks approval from AMWA headquarters regarding workshop(s) selection
• Reserves meeting space, AV equipment, facilities, and catering for hosting the conference
• Communicates with chapter treasurer to ensure proctor, AMWA headquarters, and hotel are paid and to ensure instructors are reimbursed for their expenses
• Invites workshop faculty (after both chapter and AMWA headquarters have approved the selections)
• Works with communications team (Webmaster, Social Media Manager) to create conference brochure, digital and social media content
• Provides workshop materials and evaluation forms provided by AMWA headquarters and brings them to conference
• Provides conference day onsite coordination with the caterer, instructors, hotel technical support
• Brings name tags and complete roster to conference for registration by proctor
• Term: 2 years

Membership & Volunteer Coordinator

• Receives monthly membership updates from AMWA headquarters
• Reports on membership at monthly Board meetings
• Oversees Regional Coordinators and their networking events
• Term: 2 years

Regional Coordinators

The Regional Coordinators organize regional networking events for AMWA-MAC members located in Baltimore, Bethesda/DC/Silver Spring, and Virginia.
• Schedules regular meetings (e.g., quarterly) based on the needs and interests of the group
• Reserves accommodations for networking programs
• Develops program announcements; shares information with Volunteer Coordinator, Webmaster, Social Media Manager
• Identifies specific topics of interest for events based on group feedback
• Term: 2 years

Communications Manager

• Maintains and creates an engaging website on WordPress platform
• Manages web hosting account and domain name renewal
• Develops communications and marketing materials, solicits feedback, edits
• Maintains e-mail marketing account via Constant Contact
• Creates and sends e-blasts based on information from Board, Conference Planner, subcommittees, Regional Coordinators
• Sets up and manages regional conference registration through Constant Contact/EventBrite
• Designs and edits AMWA-MAC regional conference brochure and supplemental materials
• Develops the communications strategy and works closely with Social Media Manager
• Acts as the backup for Social Media Manager
• Attends all Board meetings and subcommittee meetings
• Term: 2 years

News and Events Communicator

• Maintains AMWA-MAC Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
• Works closely with Webmaster to create engaging social media posts
• Publishes social media posts based on the communications plan
• Attends all Board meetings
• Term: 2 years

Join us!

If you’re an experienced medical communicator with a desire to serve AMWA-MAC members, please let us know. Feel free to e-mail President Judith Orvos or simply fill out the contact form. We’ll be in touch!