Spring 2012 Networking Event

By on April 17, 2012


Evelyn Ishmael

Fourteen writers met at La Madeleine on Thursday, 17 April 2012; our group could be described as long on exuberance but short on experience.

We were honored to have Susan Krug, AMWA’s new executive director, join us. We missed Fran Daniel who organized the whole evening and then had an unexpected scheduling conflict. For two of us, it was a first-ever AMWA event.

We casually chatted about our careers and where we are with medical writing, in general, and AMWA, in particular. Later, we made roundtable introductions and explained our reason for being there. As she distributed the new flyers for the annual conference, Susan encouraged us to attend the event in Sacramento. As always, everyone had questions about getting started and building a client base. In true AMWA tradition, the few writers with experience shared their ideas with the group. As the evening in Bethesda, MD ended, we exchanged e-mails and plan to keep in touch.